By definition, audiophiles are passionate about their music and the quality of its playback. In the 128 years since Thomas Edison invented the phonograph cylinder, technology has just kept getting better and better. Whether you enjoy getting your music from streaming services like Pandora, a collection of favorite .mp3 tracks on your iPod, compact discs, or even vintage vinyl, home audio systems can play your music in every room of your house, including your outdoor living areas.

Learning About Whole House Audio

At its simplest, whole house audio is the ability to listen to and control your music anywhere in your home. Each system is custom designed for your needs, taking into consideration how and where you listen to music as well as your home's acoustics and layout. Good home audio systems start with choosing the right components.


Usually, speakers are chosen based on each room that will be a part of the home audio system. For example, the bathroom and kitchen areas may be installed with ceiling speakers so they aren't taking up precious space or prone to getting wet or dirty. Traditional bookcase speakers are better suited to the main living areas whereas outdoor living areas will require speakers suitable for withstanding the elements.


The amplifier supplies the power needed to meet the requirements of your speakers. The number of rooms you want to have speakers in directly correlates to how powerful an amplifier your system will require.

Tying In Other Components

A whole house audio system can also be tied into your home theater system. This will enable you to watch television programs and movies with surround sound, giving you an experience similar to a real movie theater.

As technology increases, so does home automation. Now your heating system, security system, lights, and even window blinds can be digitally programmed and automatically controlled. These systems can all be integrated.

Controlling The System

Radio signals and Wi-Fi have no problem going through walls and are much easier to install than an old-fashioned wired system. In addition to remote controls, individual wall control panels can be installed in convenient locations throughout the house. Apps can also be downloaded to smart phones and touchscreen tablets for convenient mobile control.

There is no one right or wrong way to install a home audio system. An av installation expert, such as those found at Poll Sound, will consult with you and assess your home and your audio and visual needs. They will then custom design a system that works for your unique situation and budget.